Adding Fun to Education

Need a unique way to present curriculum?

G2C uses illusions and tricks to entertain and teach various concepts including the importance of reading, the magic of science, anti-bullying and anti-drug messages.

Presentations can be tailored to specific needs or chose from the following shows:

- Reading: Where did Illusionist G2C learn all of his tricks? In books. He'll share how he read about magic and found magic in reading.

- Math: Math never came easy to Illusionist G2C as a student. Then he found the magic in numbers. Now he astonishes crowds with quick addition and amazing mathematical riddles.

- Science: Scientific principles from the classroom are used to create jaw-dropping illusions.

Programs can be designed for schoolwide assemblies, fun days and carnivals, science and reading fairs, individual classroom presentations, or fundraisers.

Special Create and Learn workshops are available to allow students to make their own illusions using science and math .

Contact G2C for scheduling, more information and pricing sheets.


Imagination (I maj'i na'shen): 1. a) The act or ability of forming mental images of what is not actually present b) the act or ability of creating mental images of what has never been actually experienced, or of creating new images or ideas by combining previous experiences; creative power 2. anything imagined; mental image; creation of the mind


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