In the beginning...

Gary Croniser II began studying the art of illusion when he was eight years old. After entertaining family and friends for years, he had his first professional show at the age of 13.

Gary has been performing since 1994 at fundraisers, variety shows, schools, libraries, business functions, churches and youth camps. Gary developed the G2C persona in 1998. While he was born and raised in Upstate New York, he has traveled across the country amazing people with illusions, mind tricks and amazing escapes.

Gary is also a talented street performer who worked in inner city Bronx, NY while he earned a degree at Nyack College. His street performances were often used to build crowds for presentations for various groups.

Gary and his wife Rebecca live in Poughkeepsie, NY. When Gary is not performing, he is creating his own original effects and learning new techniques to improve his skills. He is also developing a line of “impossible bottles.”

Better Not Blink!

Gary Croniser II
[Email:] Illusionistg2c@gmail.com
[Phone:] 315.771.9408

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